Apple offically launches the iPad 2

Apple offically announced the long awaited Ipad 2. Lots of rumors has been circulating throughout the technonlogy community worldwide, to the changes that Apple will include in its latest model version of the Ipad.
As rumored, Apple did include front and rear facing cameras, allowing users to communicate using Face Time, a gyroscope and a mni HDMI output.

The new iPad is thinner - 33 per cent thinner. Wow. It looks incredible and has the expected front-facing camera (as well as one on the back). It's also a bit lighter, which is welcome. With the same low power as the Apple A4 processor, the new iPad 2 utilises an all-new Apple A5 processor, presumably based on ARM's Cortex-A9 design.

Not just a new iPad but a new OS. The new OS features enhancements to AirPlay, allowing your iPhone to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot (hello, Android!), as well as improvements to the Facetime software.


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